Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Melissa Roxas' Abduction & Torture Only Makes Her A Stronger Ally To Freedom.

Several posts back I blogged about the abduction and surface of Fil-Am activist Melissa Roxas who was doing work in the Philippines. After missing for 6 days, she was returned to her family. She now reports that she was tortured, and that although torture is a mechanism used to break spirit and silence dissension, more than ever, she values the fight for human rights and freedom. In her own words:
When my own experience of abduction and torture ended and I was reunited with my family it was not a second birth for me, I realized that it is a continuing journey for the search for truth and justice. Repressive governments and military use torture as a form of control, to instill fear in people in debilitating ways, so they stay quiet and lose their light inside. But I realized no amount of pain or suffering or fear can stop that earth in me to keep rising. Instead it gave birth to new births. My experience has convinced me even more of the value of freedom and justice and the importance of fighting for and upholding the principles of human rights and human dignity.
This woman has such a strong fire blazing in her heart. I'm glad she is on our side. Welcome home Melissa.

You can read more of her inspiring words here.


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