Thursday, May 1, 2008

The 1st Carnival Of Allies!

I was WONDERING why a lot of the prominent progressive blogs all happen to be talking about what it means to be an ally all at the same time! The Angry Black Woman is hosting the 1st Carnival Of Allies. ABW goes on to say:

This got me thinking about those white folks who exist in that liminal space where they are against racism but don’t understand how it works and get defensive, hurt, and freaked out when folks point out how they benefit from it without trying. We saw a lot of that on the Thank You thread before the others showed up. I am wondering how you turn that kind of person into an ally. I’m wondering if maybe I cannot simply because, when they read my words, they are so filled with defensiveness and perhaps guilt, nothing I say can get through. If they can’t listen to me, can they maybe listen to other White people?

I call a Carnival. The Carnival of Allies. Where self-identified allies write to other people like themselves about why this or that oppression and prejudice is wrong. Why they are allies. Why the usual excuses are not good enough. I figure allies probably know full well all the many and various arguments people throw up to make prejudice and oppression okay. Things that someone on the other side of the fence may not hear. Address those things and more besides.

And when I say allies, I’m talking about any and every type. PoC can be (and should be) allies to other PoC, or to LGBTQ people if they are straight, or any number of other combinations. If you feel like you’re an ally and have something to say about that, you should submit to this carnival.

She is taking submissions up until May 5th, so if you are interested you better jump to it! I myself, being relatively new to the blogosphere had never heard of the blog phenomenon of carnivals... she explains it briefly in an ETA here.

Hope to see you at the carnival!


Nadirah said...

Beloved!!!! I'm overflowing with love for you right now, dude. I came to quickly read this one post and got taken off on this whole magickal blogsphere journey- Thanks for being my first stop.

richard said...

and thank YOU Nadirah!!! flows of love accepted and reflected ;)