Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Feminist Organizations Are Backing Obama.

Oh this is good news, thank you Feministing. I've been deliberately trying not to just post about... someone else (one could blog about her alone and nothing else) so its good to be able to speak more to the constructive and positive news around Obama's campaign. Apparently there was a press conference of Women's Organizations who are supporting Obama. I am also glad to see that the National Organization for Women is backing Obama after backing Clinton. As well as the National Congress Of Black Women and several others.

I also like the quote that Miriam of Feministing culled from the conference: "We don't think it's much to break a glass ceiling for one woman and leave millions of women behind." See her article for more links.

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Neil said...

most feminists think for themselves, so this is not surprising .. unfortunately, more people prefer to be lied to and have their thoughts dictated to them .. i remain optimistic however