Friday, January 16, 2009

This What A Feminist Looks Like! Commemorative Obama Issue of Ms. Magazine

Wow. Can't wait to pick up this one! I'm super curious! (Thanks for the heads up Leslie!)

Have people seen what Obama has stated on his transition site, under "agenda" and "women"? Its pretty extensive. And not only helpful on a domestic level, but globally. Also well done are what he has under "agenda" and "civil rights". There he states his platform of support for the LGBTQ community. All looking good for starters! I have been saying that Obama's picking of Rick Warren may be an indication of his political strategies to come, handing symbols to the right, while actually pushing through legislation that is pro-people. I feel like the right has done this to marginalized people forever- name a street after MLK, then actually do nothing for black people. Don't be suprised if Obama names a street after Rush Limbaugh, and then do real ish for the people on the under... it might get him a second term!

Needless to say, about the whole Rick Warren thing... I am now relieved to hear that Obama has appointed The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, an openly gay bishop, to kick off the inaguration. And apparently this wasn't a response to the outrage, it was already in the plans. Interesting timing though!! Again, as I have said before, I am so psyched about this positive and powerful image of black masculinity that is now centerstage. Straight Black Man as a communicator, family man, president, feminist, and straight ally. Loving it!!

Imma look for that copy of Ms. this weekend...

(ps reportback from 2nd Oscar Grant Rally still comin!!)


leslie said...

thanks so much for all the cred richard. i thought i should mention that there are a few women who are upset about this cover. they feel like it suggests that women need to be saved by a "superMAN". i find it interesting that for some this is their response, my first response is "whooohooo! finally an ally who can make a big difference", i do see obama in a powerful position where he will be appointing judges for the next four years and this will potentially save the rights and lives of women everywhere.

Rona Fernandez said...

I totally agree that obama will be a smart strategist when it comes to more 'external' relationship-building, coalition politics, but will do what he can to stay true to his progressive roots. He is a pragmatist, constitutional lawyer and an organizer after all! What a powerful combination.

richard said...

Leslie: no prob! thanks for the heads up- interesting tidbit to learn that some women are upset by the cover. I guess that the archetype of Superman is one that is about a powerful man that saves helpless damsels in distress. thinking of old posters, Superman is flying with an starry eyed Lois Lane clutching onto him. I doubt that Ms. Magazine was trying to suggest that women are helpless and need saving by men, i am (obviously) excited to see that a feminist institution such as Ms. would dub him as such, and even more excited to see the steps our awesome new prez is making. looking forward to seeing some good judges be appointed too!!

btw, are these people you know, or just comments you have seen online?

Rona! wassup! good to see you here, i am looking forward to your blogospheric explorations as well. and of course, i too am celebrating the complexity of all that Obama is bringing to the table. Even the way he says "Michelle and I"... i don't think a president has ever been so visibly loving and inclusive. So much positive modelling. As a family, as a black man, as person in power with a conscientious purpose... yeah. these are good times to be on the planet.