Thursday, March 26, 2009

Active Spirit: End Violence Towards Women! A Community Healing Circle, This Sunday.

Active Spirit: End Violence Towards Women! Community Healing Circle

The legacy of abuse and oppression against girls and women worldwide is staggering. Come join with us as we stand in circle sending collective healing, justice, light, love and positive change to those who have been victims and survivors of violence and abuse.

This is a call to be active not only in our day to day lives, but on the level of spirit.

Let us be and create the change we want to see in the world! Come together and send transformative healing energy to those in need.

All Are Welcome. Instruments Are Welcome And Encouraged.

Sunday, March 29th, 3:30pm
Lake Merritt Gazebo, Oakland
(Take the Bellevue park entrance off of Grand to the Garden Center,
also accessed lakeside after Fairyland, by lake fountain)

Facilitated by

Rashidah (Spirits Of Our Ancestors)

Richard Omo Esu (Active Spirit)


Elena Perez said...

I just posted this event at the CA NOW blog too, to help spread the word!

richard said...

thank you Elena!!

richard said...

update: this was an intimate circle of five. it was powerful and beautiful. i felt much appreciation for the circle, and those who felt they needed to be there. I also felt some catharsis, because i believe that activism is necessary on all planes, and that we tend to send negative thoughts towards negative events, events that need good and transformative energy.