Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Longer A Bystander.

"seems like a mighty long time... shoo bop shoo bop..." 
 -Barbara Lewis, "Hello Stranger" 

Hello all. how ya been? Well I hope.

So, it's been at least two years since I've posted here. Definitely more since i've posted regularly. 

There are many reasons i stopped posting. I will list a few. 

I've been going through a lot of changes. Changes like moving away from making feminist/womanist/anti-sexist an identity, something i am, towards something i just do, something I seamlessly incorporate into how i live my life. Ego was sneaking in a back door around being a "feminist guy".

While using this blog to raise awareness around anti-patriarchal masculinities, patriarchy and sexism has it's place, I started to feel like it was time to take things to another level. 

And I found myself evolving to a place where it was more important to focus on what I, and other men could be doing in sustainable ways, besides sitting behind a laptop. Not to minimize progressive blogging, and not to minimize other work I have done, or other ways i show up in the world in everyday life. 

I am proud to exhale and say that i am about to embrace this next level; this move from "identifying" towards "doing" (more); this move to embodying my beliefs and passion for social justice and humanity in a more embodied, sustainable way.   

Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) has a 3-day Bystander Intervention / Healthy Masculinity training that is happening in NYC. My goal is to (finally) take this training, and then take what i've learned and bring it to youth that i am currently mentoring, as well as to middle schools, high schools, and to college circuits (where there is clear need for intervention in rape culture), and any other organization or institution for that matter.  

MCSR is the best in the nation at these trainings, and I am excited to join the ranks of men who have done this work. I humbly ask of you, reader, if you can help me actualize this goal. 

I am doing my first fundraiser for myself, so i can raise funds for the $600 training, the flight to NYC, lodging, and a bit of winter gear. Know that if you donate to this campaign, you are not only helping me to realize my goals, you are also contributing to the dismantling of rape culture, promoting healthy masculinities, and a safer world. No amount is too small, and spreading the word would also be greatly appreciated. 

In this time of ubiquitous crowdsourcing, the notion of using it to raise funds for myself always felt like one golden ticket i had to spend wisely. Sure, i've raised funds for other causes, but it feels vulnerable to raise it for yourself. I am happy to finally be using that golden ticket. And that it will be for a cause that not only benefits myself.

Thank you, as always for your readership, your time and consideration. Blessings to you and yours.

Love, Gratitude & Solidarity,