Monday, February 22, 2010

MAAAN UP! Presents A Community Forum on Street Harassment / Screening of "BACK UP! Concrete Diaries"

BACK UP! concrete diaries from Nijla Mumin on Vimeo.

MAAAN UP! Presents: a community screening of BACK UP! Concrete Diaries, a documentary on street harassment from the perspective of sistas

This is a free event. All are welcome. please come out with your lovers, family, colleagues and community members, and watch Nijla Mumin & co-director Monique Hazeur's impactful and extremely relevant work-in-progress. Q&A with the filmmaker follows, donations accepted in support of the completion of this film. We would also love to see men and boys representing at this event!

BACK UP! Concrete Diaries
This Wednesday, 6-8:30pm
500 William Street,
corner of William and Telegraph @ 20th
free admission, seating for 30.
small snacks and beverages will be available.

looking forward to connecting around this issue, and pleasse forward this to your community! Bless up

***PS: extra prize for women who bring a man or boy with them!!

MAAAN UP! is the Men of African Ancestry Action Network for Unlearning Patriarchy. We hold spaces for men of African ancestry to process issues of black masculinity and its intersections with patriarchy, and seek multivariate strategies to be allies to women and girls.


sijagur said...

Visitting your blog.. greetings from Indonesia

SeBiArt said...

unlearning Patriarchy? Gosh how much I learn from visiting this space - and I always like what I learn too. How was it then?

richard said...

@ sijagur: greetings!

@ SeBiArt: Thanks hon! We went pretty deep with it. Around 30 folks showed up, and we just went in. there were some rough bumps, and there was some triumphs. it was hard work. mad props to the women who came and just shared the wisdom of their experience. was so glad that men showed up too, and it was definitely challenging to have men of different levels of awareness around these issues. i am creating and seeking tools to compensate for some of the gender dynamics that come up.

more to come! crazy how grad school has got me blogging like once every other month as opposed to 1-3 times a week like i wuz 2 years ago!

hope you good hon, i always appreciate that you pass on thru. xo

Mika said...

Wow! This is powerful...I keep thinking of my high school students and how I can have this discussion with them. From the clip, this movie seems very accessible and authentic for a youth audience, any plans for another screening?

On another note, I just spent the past hour reading your blog... You've articulated so much of what I've felt and discussed on a more personal level, particularly in regards to Jamaica, homophobia, patriarchy, colonialism and dancehall. Thank you for opening up the space to have this public dialogue....