Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kenyan Women Join Forces To Ban Sex With Husbands In The Name Of Peace And National Unity.

Awesome. In a modern day, real life Lysistrata re-enactment, Kenyan women are coming together with a plan to withhold sex from husbands for a higher political cause. Ida Odinga and Lucy Kibaki (pictured here) are being urged to join the campaign, they are respectively the wives of the PM and the President. President Kibaki and PM Odinga have been in a political squabble for sometime now, and the nation fears violent political unrest. The movement hopes to get the two leaders to make up and prioritize unity. According to CNN, Ida Odinga supports the campaign "100%"

BBC goes on to report:

Women's activist groups in Kenya have slapped their partners with a week-long sex ban in protest over the infighting plaguing the national unity government.

The Women's Development Organisation coalition said they would also pay prostitutes to join their strike.

Patricia Nyaundi, executive director of the Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida), one of the organisations in the campaign, said they hoped the seven-day sex ban would force the squabbling rivals to make up.

She said the campaign would start from her bedroom and that emissaries had been sent to the two leaders' wives, Ida Odinga and Lucy Kibaki, urging them to join in and lead from the front.

"Great decisions are made during pillow talk, so we are asking the two ladies at that intimate moment to ask their husbands: 'Darling can you do something for Kenya?'"


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Angie Zapata's Killer Convicted On All Charges, Making Him The 1st Person Convicted For Hate Crime Against TG.

Angie Zapata

18 year old Angie Zapata was found beaten to death in her Colorado apartment in July 2008. People have been rallying for justice since.

This news just came in today, i quote from 9news Colorado:

The jury found 32-year-old Allen Andrade guilty of both first-degree murder and of a bias motivated crime or hate crime. It is believed to be the first conviction in state history for a hate crime against a transgender person.
I'm not sure if this sets a nationwide precedent, but i wouldn't be surprised.

As always, I have complex feelings around the failings of our (in)justice system, a system that does not rehabilitate, a system where big wigs make bank from imprisoning humans, a system rife with oppression... but i do hope that the friends and family of Angie Zapata find some redemption in this historical ruling, and i hope that this sends a message to people inclined to violence that you can't get away with hurting transgendered folks.

Rest In Peace Angie Zapata.

(click for tribute page, hear from her family, get educated on TG issues)


Monday, April 20, 2009

San Francisco Walk Against Rape This Saturday- and i'm $78 away from my fundraising goal of $1000!

Thank you everyone who has been sooooo generous to this cause. I also wanna give thanks and props to those who are doing the work with offenders, and those who mentor young men around non-violent ways to embody masculinity.

And I can't front, I am EXCITED!! I am just $78 away from my goal of $1000- AND my annual call for men of color to walk with me has been answered. Yay! Together, we plan to model that men of color ARE visible, active, caring allies to women, and not just people to be profiled as perpetrators.

I invite you to even contribute $5... every little bit helps a woman get crucial services at SF's only community run rape crisis center. If 8 people give $10, that's it, we are GOOD! Though if you click into the link and see that we busted the 1K, don't let that stop you either! :)

you can also just click the widget at the right.

Again, thanks for your support and readership, and thank you SFWAR. lets do this!!

have a great weekend :)



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Men's Story Project: Building Strength, Creating Peace. April 25-26.

Bay Area! These are different"his-stories" being told here, these stories model ways men should be talking, issues we should be examining. Don't miss the newest edition of:

The Men's Story Project

Building Strength, Creating Peace

UCB Multicultural Center
Sat. April 25, Sun April 26
Doors 7 PM; performance 7:30
$10-12 @ door only

The Men's Story Project is a new performance and dialogue project exploring social ideas about masculinity. Described by audiences as "groundbreaking" and "something that needs to keep on happening," the April UCB presentations will highlight 15 Bay Area artists, activists, and first-time presenters, ages 20-60, sharing true stories about their lives through slam poetry, monologues, music and dance.

The stories address subjects including: platonic love between men; disability and sexuality; men's restroom rituals; machismo in Latino culture; images of African American masculinity; an Oakland activist's refusal to continue intergenerational patterns of violence; challenging racism; being African American and gay; intergenerational support between men; responding to domestic violence; cancer and wholeness; gender identity; family relationships; personal strength; and gratitude to lifelong mentors.

Presenters: L. Abdul-Kenyatta; Michael Katz; Jeff Pollett; Amir Rabiyah; Joshua Safran; Jake Tobias; Aqeela Sherrills (Community Self-Determination Institute, Reverence Movement); Clover Mathis (formerly of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater); Leroy F. Moore, Jr. (Sins Invalid); Galen Peterson (Art in Action & Silence the Violence); Folawole Oyinlola (San Francisco Ballet); Abe Becker, Matt Blesse, Charles Ekabhumi Ellik, Stephen Meads & Terry Taplin (Berkeley, SF and Youth Speaks slam poetry championship teams).

Friday, April 10, 2009

to 11 year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, who hung himself after daily anti-gay bullying

i am going to attempt to put words
to the unspeakably tragic.

my heart, mind & soul
sinks, fumbles,
shakes in denial

and i never knew you.

so many children
know the agony
of the constricting prison of

and still other children
who don't even know themselves yet
patrol the borders of that prison
with adolescent cruelty

your world must have been so painful
so claustrophobic
to choose constricting your own breath
as a means of escape


may your spirit rest
and your story teach us
that homophobia hurts everyone
constricts us all
whether you are gay
or people just decide you are.

may your spirit rest
may your family know peace
may justice and empathy evolve hand in hand.

you are beautiful.

~rmw 4/10/09

*for the article in GLSEN click here.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Power Of Women & Words: Art Exhibit, Film and Writing Workshop This Saturday

The Power Of Women & Words: Art Exhibit, Film and Writing Workshop

Saturday, April 11th, 2009
Doors Open - 12:30pm
Film - 1pm
Writing Workshop - 3pm

Refreshments Provided!
Sliding Scale $5 - $15

Berkeley College Auditorium
2050 Center Street, Berkeley CA 94704
(one block from Downtown Berkeley BART station)

Art Exhibit: Art of women facing and overcoming violence by local and international artists.
Film Showing: "What I Want My Words To Do To You".
Writing Workshop: Workshop lead by BCC writing teachers Sharon Coleman & Robyn Brooks.

Fundraising event benefitting organizations working to stop violence against women.
All proceeds go to Amnesty International and the V-Day Organization.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

to my future son

a tight poem from poet & good friend Kenji Liu on masculinity.
Be sure to peep the rest of his insightful gems at parami10. He and some friends are doing a Poem A Day exercise for April, some really good stuff is comin up. Also look out for his chapbook "You Left Without Your Shoes" coming out on Finishing Line Press. Respect!

to my future son

inside concrete, men spin and flex
like WWF wrestlers, hollow and fearsome

and always performing. son, you do not have
to empty yourself like them, fists squeezed

so tightly your tenderness becomes
a sickness, constricted and hard

in your liver. this is the price
of manhood, to be a stone quivering

inside an egg. you will be told
to choose from a stir fried lineup

of kung fu gangsters, dumb-asses and
anti-sexy uncle tongs. these are men

made from the politics of other men
who only worship themselves.

if you choose manhood, many
will reward you, but really, who wants

to be a plastic action figure, muscular
yet with only one move: a head slam?

-Reposted by permission of the author Kenji Liu. This poem is protected under the “Attribution Non-Commercial No Derrivatives” license, view at:

Monday, April 6, 2009

Michelle Obama Shines & Inspires Young Girls Of Color In England.

Great words to deliver to young, mostly brown girls. This is a moving clip. It becomes clear why Michelle Obama is enjoying higher approval ratings than Barack Obama in England right now.