Monday, April 14, 2008

Thoughts on the Isolation of the Feminist Man and the Trajectory of this Blog.

Hey peoples! Thanks for all the comments, links to your webpages, passing this link on to friends, and also thanks for all the encouragement. :)

At this point, I am wanting this blog become a place where one can find resources and community around anti-oppression. more specifically around anti-sexist, anti-heterosexist and anti-racist issues, but definitely also integrating issues of class and global political perspectives. And to be clear, ANYONE is invited to get involved in the discussions on this blog, the comments are open to people of all genders and colors.

I had envisioned this blog to be phase one to starting a social networking site where one could connect with gender-conscious men, and at this juncture i feel i may be backbenching that idea and focusing on letting this blog grow for now.

Personally, I would like this blog to be a place where I could meet with like minded men of color. I hope to go to the Walk Against Rape with at least a small contingent of such men. My hope is that white allies would help us to connect, and that we could make plans to build alliances between the POC men and white men too. But I am definitely feeling the need to connect with conscious black, brown, yellow and red brothers. Perhaps a lot of us are. And again, i invite any men to share perspectives on this blog.

I have a feeling that there are many men out there who are like me: have one or two close male friends, most of our friends are female, and we have some trouble bonding with men because of rigid gender codes and male rituals that usually involve denigrating women and queer folks. I feel like the secret to us building community is... through all our female friends! I feel that women know more men like us than we do. It is my hope that you can help us find each other so we can have community and do good work. Not asking you to educate us, just to help put us in touch, and simply forward this link. If you value us in your communities, imagine how much good work we could do if we formed the Voltron! aw yeah... Voltron vs. the Babylon Patriarchazoid! hee... i'm such a boy sometimes. :)

okee dokes, that’s my kickoff for the week. bless up y’all.



Chris said...

Definitely. My friend Naamen speaks about the intersectionality of feminism here:

I'd like to see us build a coalition both in person and a network online.

Chris said...

Ack, link got cut...

richard said...
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richard said...

we should definitely link. is there a way to exhange info on blogs that isn't public? i'm new to this whole blog thang... i'll be spinning at the Breakroom from 12-4 today too.

Chris said...
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