Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tribe 8: Vote NO on Proposition 8

I am proud to feature this PSA on my blog, featuring my multi-talented and kick-ass friend Leslie Mah (who is also my tattoo artist). Leslie Mah and Lynn Breedlove of the hard rockin Tribe 8 band deliver an important message. Its up to us to help ensure that archaic ideas that would deny millions of loving, consenting adults the right to get married do NOT get written into law.

This is a moment in time not too dissimilar from when social movements were galvanizing to topple oppressive miscegenation laws in this country, pushing the idea of illegal interracial marriage further into cultural obsolescence. Lets continue to evolve, shall we?

Also help out by donating to make sure that this and other messages get out to voters who have been deluged with lies (that if the discriminating Prop 8 doesn't pass then churches will be taxed, it will affect education... bald faced, desperate lies!!). See the Equality California site and the No On Prop 8 site for details.

Also be sure to vote No on 4, 6 & 9!!


leslie said...

heya richard,
thanks so much for featuring this video on your blog. i hope that people understand that prop 8 isn't just about how you feel on the issue of gay marriage, it actually writes discrimination into the state constitution. the issue is very personal for me not only as a queer but also as a mixed race person who's parents were affected by the anti-miscegenation laws when they married in 1963. they had to obtain their marriage license from a state other than Virginia where they married and my mother was excommunicated from her church. not to mention the familial fallout. the arguments against gay marriage are almost identical to the ones used to warn us of interracial matrimony. i'm always amazed how so many people are unaware of the historical laws of marriage discrimination in this country. oh and thanks for playing santogold and the clash the other night! xo

richard said...

thank you, thank you, thank you Leslie for this essential and important perspective!!

and it was a joy to spin some Santogold and The Clash for ya :)