Monday, November 3, 2008

Envision... Two Little Black Girls Living And Playing In The White House!

Thank you Bea, for this most precious image! I am now holding it in my heart and mind with a smile that I will have when I cast my ballot. My good friend, Beandrea Davis CYT of always BRINGS IT in a most positive and insightful way. A magic weaver, helping others to weave magic too. I invite you to also hold this image, as you vote (if you haven't voted already!!) Beandrea goes on to say:

The image of two Black girls living in the White House, being tucked in at night by their parents – the President and First Lady of the United States of America – fills me with hope. I see them laughing, having sleepovers, playing. (I recently read their mother actually puts “play” on to-do lists for them!) Malia and Sasha Obama are ages 10 and 7, and they are Black. Two Black girls living in the White House. The sweetness of that picture!

Mmmm. Yes. I Vote For The New Sweetness!! Ashé! more>>

3 comments: said...

Hey there!

Ladies and gents....

We have elected a Kenyan-American president....Toot's grandson:

44th President of the United States

And we're movin' on up!!

DAVE BONES said...

Well done guys. Good luck with your country. All the best from the UK :-)

richard said...

wooooooo hooooooooooooooo!!!