Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rudolph and all of Santa's Reindeer Are Female.

Yes. Its true. Its been deeply researched based on the antler shedding habits of reindeer in the arctic regions. And research shows that the probability of Rudolph, or any of the 9 reindeer being male is tiny, bordering on impossible. Why this has been hidden from the childrens i don't know.


Anonymous said...

Feh, that's nothing special. But then again I'm a Scandinavian. It is however hilarious that Americans think of reindeer more like beloved pet ponies than yummy cows. I'm tired of the startled responses, if someone eats steak or pork and so on, they have zero excuses for getting weepy about reindeer meat, or even horse meat. Especially since the reindeer usually have better lives than the poor industrially produced cows, chickens and so on.

richard said...

umm... lol... maybe the playfulness of the post is lost on you... and i ate some amazing deer/venison this year! said...

Hey there Richard! {waves}

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and are ready for an exciting New Year celebration!!

I know I am!

I was waiting for someone to write a post that Rudolph had come out to Santa this year!!

I am not surprised that Santa's reindeer are ALL female....yes....once again...women have to direct everything and make everything happen...

Geeesh, Santa can't even handle Christmas without female intervention!!



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richard said...

Lisa: lol! you too funny :) i did have a great holiday kickin it with the fam, glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself too. Happy New Year!

Tiffany: wow, THANK YOU!! I am really, really flattered. I will definitely add your site to my blogroll and resources links too! I am glad to be in solidarity with y'all. Happy New Year!!