Thursday, February 26, 2009

BLACK LOVE in PUBLIC! 12 Noon, This Saturday in SF

see. think. dance. has been committed to a concept called The Intimacy Project. And now see. think. dance. is bringing the beginning of a Love Movement y'all. I can't think of a more perfect and beautiful way to conclude Black History Month. On a personal tip I'm also feelin the synchronicity of this event,not only because this Saturday would have been my dad's 77th birthday (Lloyd I. Wright, rest his soul) but also because i just blogged about there needing to be more body positive spaces in public. In short... imma be there for sure. Please fwd this out to the bay area brothas and sistas who you know would want to be a part of such an event, or even just wanna witness it... Lets get our BLIP on!! :)

Location to be announced. Facebook link: BLACK LOVE in PUBLIC

see. think. dance.

The Intimacy Project presents
a mass demonstration of affection
Saturday :: Feb. 28 :: 12pm - 1pm ::
Location TBA

PHOTO: Bethanie Hines, PHOTO DESIGN: Keira Chang

a mass demonstration of affection

Saturday - February 28 - 2009
12pm - 1pm
San Francisco, CA (exact location TBA)

For ONE hour on ONE day, The Intimacy Project calls upon Black folks in the Bay Area to SHOW their love for one another.

In a city that is slowly rendering Blackness invisible.
In a time that
fails to support us as emotional beings.

This is an EXAMPLE to OURSELVES + to OTHERS...
That Black folks are capable of deep + sustained affection towards each other.
That we are able to heal wounds, old + new, starting with the simple act of TOUCH.

To RSVP/ participate/ engage/ question :::
via email
via Facebook BLACK LOVE in PUBLIC

The Intimacy Project is...

an ongoing collaboration between artists/educators who draw creative inspiration from their connection to the African continent and are deeply invested in social change through the re-integration of the mind and the body.

By examining the barriers to intimacy amongst those who were once property, The Intimacy Project invokes the historical legacy of slavery on Black minds and bodies as a departure point to uncover solutions for greater honesty and communication across age, gender, class and race.

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