Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama Establishes White House Council On Women And Girls. And a Word To The "Left".

Thank you, yet AGAIN Feministing! Obama has created a council to address issues of women and girls, and signed an act to deal with the economic disparities between men and women (i've never heard a president admit that women make 78 cents to every dollar men make). Peep the great speech above.

As with most of Obama's announcements and signed acts, I am jazzed to hear the news, and incredulous that a president of this country is saying and doing these things. Simultaneously I am remaining grounded, hopeful, and waiting to see what develops. I have to say, i know the man isn't perfect, isn't a savior, isn't very pro-Palestine, and definitely isn't an anti-capitalist revolutionary. But so far, considering the state of things that was left for Obama- i DO wish that some of us on the disgruntled left could take a moment to take in the good that is being attempted, and help rally behind it instead of grumbling and predicting doom and failure. At the same time we definitely should keep a critical lens intact, and keep working on the grassroots level, building from the people up. AND if dude is trying to break down one of the oldest manifestations of institutionalized sexism... lets get on board!!

Linda Burnham
puts it even better, in what may become the quintessential article on the Obama era, and how it relates to the responsibility/orientation of the left. It also addressed my frustration around the nihilism of the (understandably) anti-capitalist left, in comparison with the starry-eyed Obama-as-infallible-savior heads, and other subgroups inbetween. It also puts out a solid game plan of what we gotta do. Please read.


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