Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video Perspective Of The Richmond Peace March For Rape Survivors

hello everyone.... wow, its been a minute. i got REALLY caught up in the demands of grad school, i'm just kinda re-emerging now. Happy New Year y'all!! Thought i'd post some stuff before the next term starts!! Also, i do want to share some of the stuff i've been learning too, i think that is necessary part of the process, ie, getting access to information and democratizing it, sharing it. I found some very interesting articles while doing research where the search keywords were masculinity, empathy and harassment.

San Francisco based filmmaker Aleada Minton, put together a video of short interviews and perspectives of the Richmond Rally that happened in November 2009 (i also blogged about it here, and here). I am glad that this rally has been documented in so many mediums. Thank you for your work Aleada! Check it out.

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