Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Cisgender (Non-Transgender) Privilege Checklist

I found this deeply insightful checklist at Queers United... it has given me much pause, given me much to think about. I have thought about some of these privileges i have, but many i have not thought about in depth, or at all. All of the ones listed are deep reality checks, but the one that my eye stayed on for a long time was number 27:

27. At my funeral, it is unlikely that my family would present me crossdressed against my living wishes.

Wow. The notion of such disrespect, such refusal by close, supposedly "loved ones" to essentially really see someone, was really impactful. And the point of privilege is driven home... i will never have to worry about this.

Patriarchal notions of gender as static are really archaic. And harmful. To everyone.

Sending love and strength to my trans fam, stay up y'all.

Peep the rest of the list here.


Anonymous said...
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genevieve said...

I like this post. As a transgender person I have seen the two sides of privilege. Putting another group down does nothing for humankind.

richard said...

@genevieve: apologies for my huge delay in response time!! my blog notifications were going to another filter. i'm curious what you have observed by seeing the two sides of the privilege, and do you think that cisgendered people are being put down in this list? it felt very insightful for me as a cisgendered person, i didn't feel put down personally.