Sunday, July 10, 2011

Erykah Badu Breaks Down "Window Seat".

like, REALLY breaks it down. Definition of raw and real.

“the nudity scares the nation as a whole.... but what i really learned was that when it was packaged the way i was, no high heeled shoes or long hair, spinnin around a pole or poppin it... people have a hard time processing it when its not packaged for the consumption of male entertainment. So they don’t know what to do with it, or how to place it or what to say. Because surely, a woman couldn’t be intelligent enough to be making a point. (smiles)”


SeBiArt said...

Yow - that was DEEEP!! I love this woman. Loved the video when you first posted it a while back. Thanks for the follow up here on her process. Dense with evolutionary dares - from women owning their bodies as vessels of strength, empowerment, and activism instead of just pleasure for men. AND what I was feeling really deeply was the peel back vibe, the exposure of self in order to reach one's essence - cuz YES, from there we grow to our highest height rasta! You KNOW Richard that I was FEELING THE WORD on THAT one!!! Mind the Gap!!!! ahhhhhhhh.

Btw - did I ever share this link blog with you - prob not - I started a poetry blog for Steve, Kynan (do you know him) and me - and guess what - it's called PEEL BACK. It's on blogger now - but I'm trying to move it over to tumblr soon. Here's both links:

Tumblr: (I reposted the Eyrkah stuff on this one :D)

Thanks again hon. LOVE it when you blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

She got naked to sell records, come on people don't be so naive.

richard said...

@SeBiArt: right?!?!? that may very well be the deepest artist statement a sista in the entertainment biz has made since, i dunno Nina Simone doing "Mississippi Goddam" or something! Or maybe Lauryn Hill back in the day. supa insightful, raw and deep. all about the evolution and peeling layers, showing up while vulnerable.... feelin it! dun know sey i'm a big believer of the snake medicine of shedding skin already right???

ahhh love. so good to hear from you. and thanks for all the blog love, everytime. and can i tell you, your serendipitously entitled Peel Back tumblr was such a calming way to start my morning! love it!! bless up :)


richard said...

@Anonymous: i'm curious... have you actually seen the video, and/or this interview?

Anonymous said...

I saw it and heard her...for my part I find it irritating when I see people criticize artists like Beyonce for being "half-naked" yet laud Ms Badu for getting totally naked.

richard said...

@Anonymous: i haven't personally heard Beyonce share what dressing provocatively and showing skin means for her, or what statement she is attempting to make, if any at all. definitely not hatin on Beyonce either.

To me, its clear that there is purpose behind the nudity that Erykah displayed in this video, which not only resonates with me, but she explains very articulately. it seems quite prophetic and wise too, anticipating a "character assassination" for daring to defy what is expected of her as a woman.

clearly, not everyone is going to agree or approve, and that's ok of course. i am always curious what people who have differing opinions think, and why. i value that process. so thank you :)