Friday, April 5, 2013

Gangsta Rap Radically & Refreshingly Redefined: Clique The Fem Redux

WOW. Got to support this! And not only because some of my friends are in it, but because this truly is a refreshing and radical feminist reinterpretation of gangsta rap. On some daughters of Harriet Tubman type ish. Here to take out enslaved misogynistic rappers and corporate massa. I'm excited to say that I already know one teacher who has screened this to her students, and compared it to Rick Ross' video, as well as Niki Minaj "Boys" video. Makes me soooo happy. Look out Rick Ross... The Clique may be on your doorstep any minute....

The Clique inspired me so much, i wrote my own rhyme:

pass this dj some Rick Ross or Weezy i will say NEXT
ain't no plantation jingles playin on these decks
enslaved storytellers gettin paid plenty loot
to keep plantation trauma alive and distort the truth
corporate massa stupid ass don't know that all humans are connected
so ain't just black and brown, now the whole world infected
misogyny, racism & capitalism trifected
time for the liberated storytellers to rise up
give that instead to our malnourished kids, drink it up!
i said rise up, rise up free storytellers, rise up!
drink it up, drink it up, children, drink it up!!

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