Friday, May 2, 2008

Margaret Cho's "Beautiful" Tour: Just 10 Shows Left

Margaret Cho on Beauty:

I want to explore the nature of beauty. What is funny and scary about it, why we often don't feel beautiful because our society's standards are so rigid and unattainable. A DJ once asked me, "If you woke up tomorrow and you were beautiful, what would you do? If you were, blonde, blue-eyed, 5 foot 11, and weighed 100 pounds, what would you do?!?" Well, I probably wouldn't get up in that case, because I'd be too weak to stand. If that is his only idea of beauty then I feel really sorry for him. I want everyone to feel beautiful and I want to do it with laughter. Why not feel good about ourselves?

I wasn't the DJ who asked that question, i'm proud to say. Grab tickets while you can! I myself have never seen her live, and i'm really looking forward to it! Here is her tour schedule, and her fabulous, brilliant blog. Anyone else going to Santa Rosa?

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