Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Vibe Lounge Closes: Community Organizer Robbie Clark Speaks On The Importance Of Queer Black Spaces

Community Organizer Robbie Clark talks about the importance of queer black space. Clark shares valuable insights on Oakland's Vibe Lounge closing in the historic context of the displacement of queer and poor communities. Also lays ground work for a call to action; toward building queer community with unity and power? Perhaps.

Raw, unedited footage shot by filmmaker Oriana Bolden from the last night at The Vibe Lounge. 8/16/09. Oakland, CA.

Interview: Robbie Clark
D.P./Producer: Oriana Bolden
Executive Producers: Susanne Borman and Lori Dynes

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Rona Fernandez said...

i'm so sad..i'd never been to the vibe lounge but remembered when that space was bella's back in the day...i was so glad to hear that it had morphed into a new Black queer space for the next generation. reminds me of the article in the express a few weeks ago about how the recession is hitting Black-owned restaurants particularly hard.