Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Creativity, Black Feminist Roots, and Human Revolution

Wow. I highly recommend saving this for the end of your day, kicking back and checking this out. Dr. Akasha Gloria Hull breaks down Black Feminism and Human Revolution through our survival of slavery and the essential ingredients of Politics, Spirituality and Creativity. She gets into theory after reading from her novel in progress, which breathes new perspective into the slave narrative; she shares a vignette of a young black woman enjoying her body as her own. Here is one of my favorite quotes from this clip:
Politics. Spirituality. And Creativity. Any recipe for truly effective social transformation, and human revolution, needs to include these three ingredients. Not practiced separately, but intricately interwoven. - Dr. Akasha Gloria Hull
I will have to give her credit in the novel i am writing, i am truly inspired, and consider myself schooled! Enjoy.

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richard said...

wow. just gotta say that searching YouTube with the word "femimist" is really quite disturbing. sometimes living in the bubble that is the bay area can make one unprepared for the ignorance and misguided rage that so many people have. whew.