Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Men's Story Project - Call For Submissions

heh... isn't that called his-story? on the real tho, it sez its a progressive event, and seems to be directed by a woman. i am thinkin about entering and making sure to bring the flava... check it out! (thanks for letting me know Nazbah!)




Men of all ages and backgrounds are invited to participate in the Men's Story Project! This project will bring together a diverse group of men's real stories to create a local performance, similar to the Vagina Monologues (but different!) -- about men's life experiences. We're looking for stories from men of a variety of race/ethnicities, sexual orientations, social/cultural backgrounds, life histories, etc.

The pieces can be poems, monologues, prose, raps, just a few powerful sentences, a dance piece, music, etc - on subjects such as lessons you were taught about what it means to be a man, social/cultural expectations, learning on your own what it is to be a man, experiences of violence, experiences of promoting peace/healing, relationship with your body, sexuality, gender, power, transformation, taboos, etc. Pieces should last a max of 5 minutes. It may also be possible to exhibit visual art in the space.

Contributions of all kinds are welcome -- funny, serious, vulnerable, risk-taking, triumphant, etc - the main theme is REAL. We will present them to an audience in a Bay Area venue TBD, in late May or early June, with the lofty goal of helping to move society forward in conceptions of what it can mean to be a man.
If you want to create a piece but would prefer to have someone else read it, that's fine - authorship can be anonymous. If you have a story in mind but want some coaching to get it on paper, we have folks who can help you.

This is a progressive event and will be a safe space.

*Submissions will be accepted until May 10.* (This is somewhat flexible)

Participants will be paid $50.

This is an independent project getting off the ground, and is not affiliated with any organization.

Please feel free to contact me with any q´s.


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